Pubic Hair, Pubic Mound, and Public Discussion

I’m stuck wondering whatever happened to the bush: The hair that women grew south of the border, the hair that used to symbolize our sexual maturity.

The vagina is presently most welcomed when shaved bald and bare, to reduce our pubic mound to that of its pre-pubescent state. My issue with this emerges not necessarily from the style itself, but primarily from the expectancy among men and women alike that all hair must be shaved. To have any hair is to have a jungle. A bikini wax implies a brazilian. And I wonder, why has this hair style become so popular? 

I cruise on the internet, visiting various pornographic sites and stopping by my favorite erotic blogs, only to a see a slew of women proudly modelling a vagina that resembles my own from the fifth grade. Now, is it that these women are disgusted with the hair themselves? They find it unappealing? Unattractive? That it gets in the way?

Samantha Jones, notorious for her extravagant (although fictional) sexual escapades, said no man or woman should take all day to find the grand entrance to a good time, and I’ll admit, she’s right. But, I hardly believe that this hairstyle came about for the satisfaction of women. 

What I’m trying to get at here is that this whole style of bald, bare, and beautiful has risen among women without the realization of who it’s really for. I orgasm the same as any other day whether I’m bald or hairy. So obviously, this hair style is a style, and has little to do with comfort or pleasure. 

But the real issue here is not the fact that it’s bare, the fact that it’s bald, and I’ll ignore the fact that a shaven pubic mound infantilizes our sexuality, and portrays the body to be that of a very little girl. The issue is that this shaven mound has made the hairy mound unacceptable. Any sort of hair. Small patch or large, tamed or not, the shaven mound has created a standard of child-like genitalia purely for visual satisfaction. 

The female friends of mine who fashion themselves bald do so for a few reasons: they may have the same motivations as Samantha Jones (who by the way, only shaved herself bare after accidentally dying her hair orange) and some friends simply do not find pubic hair to be attractive, on both themselves and their partner. Both of these reasons I’ll gladly accept, because it is motivated purely by personal preference. What bothers me is when friends explain their fear that their partner may find their hair unattractive, that they may be denied oral or vaginal sex due to their pubic style (“Because what guy wants to eat out a hairy bush?”) And that is unacceptable.

I have given enough oral sex over the years to be well aware of the double standard of pubic hair and its fashions. The number of men who “manscape” is still greatly outnumbered by the number of men who don’t, or hardly do. For instance, the number one offender is the man who shaves his balls, but hardly trims the hair that grows unruly at his member’s base. And second on worst offenders, the man who shaves his balls, and his base, but not nearly often enough. Honestly ladies, have you ever sucked on a prickly sack? I have, and without complaint. Yet still, I have been denied oral sex myself for having a neatly trimmed, freshly waxed bush, taken well inside the lines of my tiniest bikini. 

So ask yourself, for whom do you shave your mound? 

Obviously, we deal with our pubic hair so that our genitalia is more appealing for our partner. So that we do not floss each evening only to pull out a wired hair. But it should be done for our own personal enjoyment as well as that of our partners, and not solely for the enjoyment of our partners. 

Bottom line, a shaven mound is a choice, not an obligation, and if you think otherwise, I hope that you reconsider.

Any feedback? Any questions? Further discussions? I’d love to hear it. Give me a shout.